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Welcome to the world of Thermal Inspections

Cracked drain line draining under carpet. Carpet was dry when touched. Our camera picked up this problem. When the carpet was pulled back, mold was discovered. The dark areas indicate water traveling under the carpet.

  Floor   Infrared Floor  

Missing insulation. The red areas indicate missing insulation.

  Ceiling   Infrared Ceiling  

Pin hole in water supply line in master shower. Undetectable with the human eye. Nothing can hide from our cameras.

  Wall   Infrared Wall  

Ask your home inspector to scan your home today. We find issues like these in 10% of the homes we inspect. Water inside walls can lead to mold and other health concerns. Protect your family with a free Thermo scan.



0000-1999  sq/ft   $250

2000-2499  sq/ft   $280

2500-2999  sq/ft   $310

3000-3499  sq/ft   $340

3500-3999  sq/ft   $370

4000-4499  sq/ft   $400

4500-4999  sq/ft   $430

5000+ sq/ft CALL FOR QUOTE

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